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Round Ceiling Air Diffuser, Louver Vent, Smoke Exhaust Device, Air Diffuser Grill, HVAC Air Diffuser Damper, MS Fire Damper, MS Smoke Exhaust Damper, MS Smoke Exhaust Button are among the most popular products of our company. Each product which we supply in the market is reliable and well-built in strict adherence with the industry set norms. 

Quality Policy

At Astem, we perform actions with a well-drafted Quality Policy. As per the policy, we regularly challenge new manufacturing practices with ingenuity and supply products like MS Smoke Exhaust Damper, Round Ceiling Air Diffuser, MS Fire Damper, Air Diffuser Grill, MS Smoke Exhaust Button, etc. of the highest quality to our valuable customers.

Corporate Philosophy

Management Philosophy

We work with passion to provide such air conditioning equipment that creates a comfortable space in complete harmony between people and air. With our manufacturing work, we join hands with all the people and make contributions in the development of the local community. 

We aim at becoming a vital group that with the spirit of love & joy, realizes dreams of each other.

Management Policy

We have set certain Management Policies for our company, these are:

  • Comply with laws and regulations and be trusted by the society
  • Develop human resources and build strong organizational strength
  • Emphasize on attaining satisfaction of customers
  • Have progressive & innovative management

Service Policy

We focus on not just delivering quality products but shortening overall work time. To help our customers in having smooth and speedy business, we give shape to various ideas and ingenuity and ensure overall excellence in services. Our service policy covers below mentioned points:

Shortest Delivery Time in The Industry: At our company, all the equipment and structure are optimized to deliver products to customers in the minimal possible time frame. 
Focus on Improvement of Production Capacity & Efficiency: With the goal to create an optimal environment for our company, we regularly take actions to improve production efficiency. We speed up our work by making use of computers for formulating paint, managing data and developing filters within the premises. 
Develop Products As Per The Requirements of Users: At our premises, we always imagine the site where our products are used and hence we create products including MS Smoke Exhaust Button, MS Smoke Exhaust Damper, Round Ceiling Air Diffuser, Air Diffuser Grill, etc., considering all the factors to make it easier for customers. 
Excellent Quality Control & Reliable Support: With our ISO certified quality management system, we have complete quality control as per which we develop & deliver products of reliable quality. Further, we provide support to customers by providing installation services of products. 
Fast Design Creation for Customized Products: Our experts are familiar with the products, they quickly analyze the requirements of customers and respond to the specifications on meeting and drawing creation.
Accurate Production Control: At our premises, with support of our sharp experts, we quantify the manufacturing process and make calculations for estimating the production progress and order status. With such a high production control, we can answer inquiries of customers regarding delivery dates. 


We have had a good journey in the business line, where we registered growth and success. The history of our company is testimony of acceptance and love we received in the industry. 

1962: In Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, our company was formed. 
1963: The name of our company got changed to Hino Equipment Industry Co., Ltd.
1977: In Kakuda City, Miyagi Prefecture, construction work of an outlet / damper production plant began.
1992: The headquarters of our company moved to Kakuda City, Miyagi Prefecture and the name of our company again got changed to Hino Tech Miyagi Co., Ltd.
1997: We got a new name for the company, Astem Co., Ltd.
1998: For ensuring quick delivery service, full-scale work started 
2003: We received ISO 9001: 2000 certification
2006: Our company received the 2005 Comfortable Workplace Promotion Award
2008: Construction work of the Zao Factory in Zao Town, Miyagi Prefecture began.
2014: In the premises of the Zao factory, our second factory was built and our head office was relocated & integrated in Zao-cho.
2016: From the Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association, we received the Received President's Award 

Efforts of Asteem

Over the years, we have consistently put in hard efforts to ensure growth and success of the company. In the industry, our efforts have been timely recognized and praised. Below points are the reflection of success we got by putting hard efforts:

February 12, 2021: Acquisition notice of naming rights for Shibata Stadium (Shibata Town, Miyagi Prefecture)
February 12, 2021: At the 38th Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, we received an Excellent Management Award.
February 19, 2020: Our company was called an attractive workplace creation model company by Miyagi Prefecture and the Miyagi Labor Bureau.
January 7, 2019: By the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, our company was selected as a regional future leader. 
May 15, 2017: Certified the Workplace Health Promotion Declaration by The Japan Health Insurance Association Miyagi Branch (Kenpo Association) 
November 7, 2016: In Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, the 75th National Occupational Safety and Health Convention was held on 19th October in which we received the President's Award of the Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association.

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